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About Pagespeed Insights Checker

Anyone who wishes to increase the performance and speed of their website should use Page Insights Checker. This effective tool offers a thorough report on the size, quantity, and duration of requests for each page on your website. With the help of Page Insights Checker, you can quickly determine which portions of your website require improvement and implement the necessary adjustments to increase page speed.

PageSpeed Insights: What Are They?

Web developers (and anyone else with a curious mind) who want a summary of their page's speed as seen by Google can use PageSpeed Insights, a tool supplied by Google. Google offers performance opportunities as well, which might assist you in concentrating your speed optimization efforts.

Why did the rating on PageSpeed Insights change?

Your score may have changed if you've already used our Free Speed Test tool. Google provides Uptrends with the PageSpeed Insight score and the ensuing recommendations. Because Google altered how it determines the score in the fifth iteration of the PageSpeed Insights API, your score has changed.

Prior to this, the PageSpeed Insights score was mostly determined by the conventions used to shrink pages and accelerate rendering. These considerations are taken into consideration in the new edition, which also modifies the score based on additional information from the Lighthouse diagnostic tools (lab data) and field data (real-world experiences).

How is my page's score determined by Google?

PageSpeed Insights gathers information for mobile and desktop speeds from a variety of sources, producing a page score and suggestions for page improvement.